A unique look outside
A classy feeling inside

Distinctive style

Enjoy living in a building with character. The red and white façade is like no other in the city. Inspired by Lisbon’s industrial times, the Swiss architects have created elegant patterns with simple bricks. Their combination gives a unique personality to Tasso.

Elegant Atmosphere

It’s a great sensation when you enter Tasso. Like a ceramic bowl, the building is bright outside and polished inside. The entrance floor and light show great refinement. With its elegant office and green patio, it's a beautiful interior setting.


Feel at home immediately. The eight apartments of the building offer great comfort and class. With white tiles and walls, light gently enters every living space. With wooden panels and marble, you feel in an exceptional place, where every detail has been carefully designed.

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Find out more about the Tasso building. In our online brochure, you will find detailed descriptions and floorplans.

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All residential units have an A-rated energy efficiency pre-certificate in compliance with the law (Dec-Lei n°118/2013).

All plans, features and amenities depicted herein are based upon preliminary development plans, and are subject to change without notice.

All images and designs depicted herein are artists’ conceptual renderings, which are based upon preliminary development plans, and are subject to change without notice. All such materials are shown solely for illustrative purposes. Furnishings are only included for illustration purposes and are not included in each apartment.

The project graphics, renderings and text provided herein are copyrighted works. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, display or other dissemination of such materials is strictly prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement.